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Rice :

Whole grain rice, which is raw and pure, has a high nutritional value. But in white rice, bran is separated from the main grain, which reduces its nutritional value. People use different types of grains according to the cooking needs, availability and health properties of rice.Rice is also divided according to grain length. Long grain rice is used in Asian cuisine, and American countries prefer medium and short grain rice.

Properties of rice :

Rice is rich in carbohydrates that act as fuel for the body; In addition, it is involved in the normal functioning of the brain. Carbohydrates are converted into functional energy in the body after fuel.

Other properties of rice include preventing obesity. Rice grains are free of harmful fats, cholesterol and sodium.

The level of sodium in rice grains is very low and therefore very suitable for people with high blood pressure.


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Hashemi rice is one of the best and best good and well-cooked Iranian rice because Hashemi rice is one of the highest quality rice, it has a higher price than other rice. When you are in a rice shop, know that if you demand Hashemi rice, you will be dealing with one of the most expensive Iranian rice.Of course, in cooking, Hashemi rice will compensate for this; When the scent wafts through the house and alley and reaches the neighbor’s house, unlike foreign rice, which seems to have injected hormones into itself, they only grow tall and have no smell, and the taste is zero.In this regard, I intend to deliver this high-grade rice, which is a product of our hands, without any combination with low-level rice, purely from the production stage to the real consumer.

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